All my life I’ve admired the captivating beauty of nature and the universe all around us. It wasn’t until a trip to Boston in 2011 that my passion for nature photography began to blossom. Originally I was born and raised in the rural desert of White Water, Ca without running water or any neighbors to play with. The vast acres around me were my playground where my father taught me to appreciate all forms of life. As we all know science has proven that nature plays a crucial role in our species survival. The current ecosystem is in a fragile state. Our society as a whole should do all we can to protect and respect nature’s unconditional gift of life. 

For me, photography has developed from a mere hobby to a life’s mission to inspire others to reconnect with nature. To help reawaken the human spirit to recognize the importance of preserving and sustaining our natural resources. When I look at any photographs that I or others have taken, all I can think is how my imagination could never compose such a wondrous model. Without the environment we’d have nothing to capture.

Let us not wait for the photographs taken today to be the only evidence of species gone extinct. Please take time to donate, volunteer, and give back to the planet. Earth is our only home. The planet will live on, without us, but we cannot survive without her natural resources that gives us the very life we breathe. 

Remember to take a moment and appreciate the amazing world we live in.

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